Lots Still Available in RiverStone - Apr 04, 2016


RiverStone Phase 11 - Lots For Sale

These lots can be purchased on a first come first served basis from the Real Estate and Land Development Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall.
For more information contact land@lethbridge.ca / 403 320 3905 or visit


RiverStone Phase 17 - Sold Out

RiverStone Phase 17 Lot Grading Plan (updated February 19, 2016)

Please note:  As outlined on the Comprehensive Plan the following minimum setbacks have been established for this Phase. These setbacks are not mandatory but allows for flexibility.

Minimum Setbacks - Principal Building
Short Front Setback 4.50 m
Flankage Front Setback 3.0 m (flankage easement along street)
Side Yard 1.2 m     Rear Yard 3.0 m

Minimum Setbacks - Accessory Building
to Principal Building 1.2 m
Side Yard 0.6 m      Rear Yard 0.6 m

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