Rezoning approved for RiverStone Phases 17, 21 and 22 - Feb 03, 2015


City Council approved an application to rezone land in the southwest area of RiverStone to allow for the development of the final three phases of the neighbourhood. The land was rezoned to include four land-use classifications: 
1.  Comprehensively Planned Low Density Residential (R-CL) which allows single detached dwellings
 2. Comprehensively Planned Medium Density Residential (R-CM) which allows primarily single detached, two-unit, and small-scale multi-unit dwellings (max. 4 units)
3.  Mixed Density Residential (R-M) which encourages a mix of residential dwelling types such as single detached, two-unit, townhouse and secondary suites
4. Park and Recreation (P-R)

 Bylaw 5903-Rezoning Phases 17, 21 and 22 MAP.pdf


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