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2nd Floor, City Hall

910 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB   T1J 0P6

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some frequently asked questions

+ Are there any lots available for purchase in RiverStone right now?

Lethbridge Land keeps all its inventory current on the Lot Map. You can see which lots are available for purchase from Lethbridge Land directly and you can see which ones are available through our Builder Group.

+ How does Lethbridge Land sell its residential lots?

When a new phase of a subdivision is introduced, new lots are usually offered by way of a "lot draw".

+ How do I know when the lot draw will be held?

We'll advertise it in the Lethbridge Herald, the City of Lethbridge webpage as well as our own,

Our websites are the most up-to-date source for upcoming lot draws and other exciting news. Come back often to stay well-informed of what's happening in any of our communities.

+ Can I register my name multiple times?

No, you can only make one registration per household and/or you may register a business if you are the owner of a registered business. Only the two registrations will be retained for the draw and other names will be disqualified.

+ Can I apply as an individual and as a company or contractor?

Yes, you can apply either as an individual or a contractor/business or a BILD Lethbridge builder member, but to a maximum of two ballots.

+ Can anyone put their name in the lot draw?

Yes. Any individual, business, or BILD Lethbridge builder member can register for the lot draw, but only one entry can be made for each business or household.

+ How do I know it's Fair?

In a lot draw, all registered names are placed in a box and are publically selected at random. To ensure fairness and transparency, we randomly select a participant at the draw to step forward, mix the ballots and draw the names.

+ Who gets first pick at the lots?

The first name drawn chooses first.

+ How do I know what lots are available in the draw?

Watch our website for information about upcoming lot draws. When lots are available, you will be able to see the map, price list, lot grades, Design + Development Guidelines and other pertinent information.

+ Do I have to be present at the lot draw?

Yes, you do. If you are not present at the lot draw and your name is called, another name will be drawn in your place and you will have lost your opportunity to purchase a lot through us. You can still purchase from a builder, provided there are still lots available via that route. Please remember to bring valid government issued photo ID as you will be asked for it if your name is drawn.

+ If I'm a contractor and my name is drawn, do I have to provide you with any information about my business?

Yes, you will need to provide a photocopy of your up-to-date City of Lethbridge business license.

+ How do I apply for the lot draw?

Bring in your completed registration form along with proof of identification to register for the draw by the registration deadline. This is typically the day before the draw at 4:00pm.

+ How do I choose my lot if I'm successful in the lot draw?

If your name is drawn, you will:

  • choose your lot right then and there

  • fill out a cheque for 10%

  • provide us with your contact information

One week later, you will need to come in to sign the offer to purchase.

To expedite the process, we suggest that you come prepared with your lots ordered from most to least desirable.

+ What are the general terms of sale on lot selection day?

  • A down payment of 10% of the lot price on the day of the lot draw if your name is selected;
  • The balance must be paid within 90 days for individuals/businesses and within 120 days for CHBA builder members motths. If you fail to pay the balance within the 6 months as required, you will forfeit your deposit and lose ownership of that lot, which will be placed back on the market;
  • Assignment of Offer to Purchase to a third party is permitted. A processing fee of $500 will be due at the time of the request.

+ Do I have to pay GST on the purchase of my lot?

Yes, unless you wish to self asses your GST. In that case, you are required to provide us with your GST number.

+ Are there any design guidelines or restrictions for the subdivision?

Yes, all of our communities are bound by Design + Development Guidelines. You can access them here.

+ Is there a time-line indicating when construction and landscaping must be completed?

  • Construction on the home must be completed with 12 months of purchasing the lot.

  • Landscaping must be completed within 18 months of purchasing the lot to a standard consistent with the amenities and aesthetics of the neighborhood.

+ What happens to the lots that are not chosen in the draw?

Any remaining lots not sold following the lot draw will be offered for sale on a first come, first serve basis; with no limit on the number of lots purchased.

+ How do I become a member of BILD Lethbridge?

Please contact the association:

403 328 2288