Lot Draw Process

opportunities in public lot draw.

RiverStone has been a very successful development in Lethbridge, and there has been great demand for residential lots.  To make this process as fair as possible, we don't just sell lots in RiverStone on a first-come, first-served basis. We hold a public lot draw to give everyone an equal opportunity to purchase a lot.  Any individual, business or contractor wishing to purchase a lot can participate in the lot draw.

To ensure fairness, we try to make this process as straightforward and transparent as possible. 

When a lot draw is available, here is the process:

+ Step #1: Complete a registration form at our office by the deadline.

Complete a registration form at our office by the deadline. This is typically 2 days prior to the draw itself.

Individual/Business Box

Persons may register at City Hall once as an individual and once as a business to a maximum of 2 ballots per household. CHBA builder members cannot register their business for this box. They may register as an individual.

CHBA Builder Member Box CHBA

builder members may make one registration for their business for the CHBA builder member box. If they wish, they may also enter one as an individual in the other Individuals/Business box.

+ Step #2: Ballot verification.

We will verify all ballots to ensure they are placed in the correct box, that all the details have been provided, and that there are not duplicate ballots. Any ballots over the limit will be removed.

+ Step #3: Be present on lot day with required documents and payments.

On the day of the draw, ensure you are there in person (no one can stand in for you), that you have a cheque for your deposits and valid government issued photo ID.

+ Step #4: When drawn, pick your lot from the available lots.

If your name is called, you will first need to show your photo ID. You will then pick your lot from the available lots, and pay your 10% deposit.

+ Step #5: Sign your purchase agreement.

You will be required to return to the Lethbridge Land offices in one week to sign your Purchase Agreement.

+ Step #6: Pay out the land in full.

Within 90 days, you will be required to pay out the land in full. A building permit will not be issued until the lot is paid in full.

+ Step #7: Begin construction!

Construct your home!